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Travis Newman

Travis Newman



Representing the musician who demonstrates mastery at his instrument,  
Guitarist Travis Newman consistently shows his skills in a wide variety of styles.

His keen playing is matched by a commitment to the right sounds – called tone – and he thrilled local audiences for a year while playing with Eason and in jams at  Bummz Beach Cafe and The Clubhouse Myrtle Beach. Travis Newman have performed their unique blend of country, rock and roll, synth-pop, and robot rock for large crowds.

While the judges felt torn between so many fine players, ultimately Newman won the Grimmy because of his countless, mesmerizing performances on the electric guitar   while in Eason, and in local jam sessions aroundTravis Newman town. Newman left Myrtle Beach in March 2008, landing a spot in the big show with rising country star and SONY  recording artist Craig Morgan (“Redneck Yacht Club”), leaving a hole in the local music scene but earning a Grimmy in the process. With a mastery of speed technique and substitution chords, belong to a very exclusive club that includes only those who know music inside and out and who have no trouble expressing emotion through their instruments. Ask any local guitarist, willing to momentarily deflate their ego, who their favorite local guitarists are, and almost without fail two names are offered; one is Travis Newman . Newman won “Guitarist of the Year” and “Musician of the Year”.

Travis has toured with national acts and opened for multiple recording artists. His guitar playing is melodic and graceful. You have to see Travis to believe his amazing ability. Travis Newman is currently playing guitar for Craig Morgan. Check out and listen to Travis’s hands at work on Craig Morgan’s tunes and website!


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Rolling out the red carpet for the Grimmy Awards


Travis Newman


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Travis Newman


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